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  • Justin Jacobs

Waking Up at 0200 in a Panic!

Have you found yourself waking up at 0200 in a panic because you realized you'll be taking off the uniform in less than 12 months?

The panic comes from worrying about life after the military.

What do I do after I retire?

What job do I choose?

Where do we live?

Will my spouse need to find a (another) job?

How much money do we need to make?

These fears are normal, but they don't have to be debilitating!

I can help you navigate the transition from active duty to the civilian world.

44% of veterans leave their first job within the first year. Another 21% within their second.


The simple reason veterans leave their first job so soon is that it is the wrong job for them!

They jump at the first job for $$$ and security.

They don't choose the job that gives them a reason to wake up each morning excited for the work that they will do.

Want to buck the trend and make the right choice?

I can help you do that.

Connect with me and let's chat.

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