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  • Justin Jacobs

Creating the Future that is Right for YOU!

As a highly skilled and dedicated life design and transition coach, I take immense pride in the transformative impact I have had on the lives of my clients. Over the years, I have witnessed countless senior military leaders embark on their retirement journey with apprehension, unsure of what the future holds. When I was going through my own transition from the military, I decided I didn't want to go through a similar experience. I chose to do something different, bold, and scary.

I decided to become a coach, and I am so glad that I did. As a coach, I have been able to help others experiencing transition and guided them in transforming their fears into a profound sense of excitement and endless possibilities.

The words of my clients speak volumes about the effectiveness of my coaching approach. Hearing them exclaim, "You turned my fears about the future into excitement about the possibilities," reaffirms the profound impact I have on their lives. It is a testament to my ability to not only provide guidance and support but also to empower them to see beyond their perceived limitations and embrace the untapped potential within themselves.

In my coaching sessions, I create a safe and non-judgmental space for my clients to explore their deepest concerns and uncertainties. I listen attentively, seeking to truly understand their unique experiences, dreams, and aspirations. Through compassionate and insightful conversations, I help them reframe their perspective, shifting their focus from the challenges and uncertainties to the vast array of opportunities that lie ahead.

By employing powerful coaching techniques, thought-provoking questions, and introspective exercises, I guide my clients in reconnecting with their inner desires and passions. Together, we uncover their core values, strengths, and interests, enabling them to envision a future that aligns with their authentic selves. I encourage them to dream big, daring them to challenge conventional norms and explore uncharted territories.

Through this transformative process, my clients not only gain clarity on their post-military career goals but also experience a profound shift in their mindset. They develop a renewed sense of excitement and motivation as they realize that retirement is not an end, but rather a new beginning filled with endless possibilities.

I am committed to empowering my clients to go beyond their comfort zones, guiding them to identify unconventional paths, entrepreneurial ventures, or meaningful contributions to society. I provide them with practical tools, resources, and strategies to navigate the job market, enhance their professional brand, and successfully transition into their desired careers.

My role as a coach extends far beyond just providing guidance. I am a source of unwavering support, believing in my clients' abilities even when they may doubt themselves. I celebrate their achievements, big or small, and hold them accountable to the goals they set for themselves. Together, we navigate the challenges and uncertainties, celebrating every step towards their newfound excitement and fulfillment.

To witness the transformation in my clients' mindset, where fear and doubt are replaced with enthusiasm and optimism, is the greatest reward as a coach. It fuels my passion and drives me to continue delivering exceptional coaching experiences, empowering senior military leaders to embrace the endless possibilities that lie ahead in their retirement journey.

So, if you are a senior military leader contemplating retirement and feeling uncertain about the future, know that I am here to guide you, inspire you, and turn your fears into excitement about the vast array of possibilities awaiting you. Together, let us embark on this remarkable journey of self-discovery, transformation, and fulfillment.

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