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  • Justin Jacobs

Burnout and Guilt - Life After The Military

You are probably burned out.

And you don’t even know it.

As a senior military member in transition, you are burned out.

You’ve been running at 100% for over 20 years!

This burnout may turn into guilt when you enter the civilian sector.

You may feel guilty that you’re leaving the military, you’re leaving your comrades behind, you’re leaving the mission behind. You aren’t making life and death decisions anymore. You aren’t defending the nation or protecting the homeland.

You will feel guilty because you don’t know what work will make you feel useful in the civilian world.

You may also feel guilty that you don’t have work that keeps you engaged 12 hours a day. You will feel guilty because you don’t know how to slow down. You don’t know how to feel useful without being busy.


As a civilian, you have a choice.

You don’t have to be busy. You don’t have to make life and death decisions. You don’t have to take orders and do things the way you used to do.

And this is where the guilt comes in.

(Pause – deep breath)

It’s OK!

You’re not alone.

Many veterans feel and have felt the same way.

So, how can you find work that satisfies?

How can you spend less time working and be OK with it?

How can you spend less time working and not feel guilty?

Let’s talk.

I know what you’re going through – I experienced guilt for the first year after I retired from the military.

And I know how to help you live life joyfully and guilt-free!

Connect with me now and let’s chat about your transition.

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