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Why Do I Use So Much Nautical Jargon?

If I use a lot of nautical jargon in my posts, it's for a good reason. I fell in love with the sea in the 7th grade when I visited SeaWorld San Antonio, Texas and was amazed at the fish and exhibits. This led me to Texas A&M University Galveston Campus, the Texas Maritime Academy, and a 22 year-career in the U.S. Coast Guard protecting mariners from the sea and the sea from man. I earned my Marine Safety Insignia (my designator and specialty) and wore it on my uniform every day.

I've been immersed in the maritime realm for so long, it will always be a part of me. So here is a quick translation for you landlubbers (non-sailors):

Charting a course - planning and executing a decision Full Speed Ahead - as fast as you can safely All Hands on Deck - we need everyone's help Right the Ship - something is wrong, let's fix it Pipe Down - be quiet Scuttlebutt - gossip Shift Colors - change from one outfit to another - usually from uniform to civilian clothing Toe the mark - be ready and accountable I don't want anyone to get lost when I use certain terms, And I have to remember that my audience is more diverse than it used to be when I was surrounded by other maritime professionals. Have a great day!

This weekend, I plan to Splice the Mainbrace! (have a drink).

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