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  • Justin Jacobs

The Privileges and Perils of Leadership

Leadership brings with it particular privileges.

(Like traveling to Nome, Alaska for work.)

But those privileges are partnered with peril. Effective leadership requires an emotional investment in those being led. And so the burdens of leadership are in large measure directly tied to those who are being led. Sometimes those people disappoint greatly and sometimes they suffer greatly. Both occurrences will weigh on a good leader.

I had many ups with my crew.

I also had many downs.

People suffering from mental illness.

People suffering from strained relationships.

People struggling with cancer.

People struggling with difficult bosses/peers/subordinates.

I often sat with people as they cried and cried along with them.

You can’t be a great leader without emotionally investing yourself in the people you lead.

Is it a burden?


Is it worth it.

Every Damn Bit!

Today, you’re ready to take on the challenge of leading others more intentionally.

You’re ready to learn how to invest yourself in your team emotionally.

As a Professional Transition Coach, 22-year veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, and certified Resilience-Building Leader and Authorized Training Partner, I can help you be a great leader!

Schedule a call with me now and I will help you be the leader that is emotionally invested in their team AND resilient in the face of adversity!

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