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  • Justin Jacobs

Podcasts for the Win!

The first time I was asked to do a Podcast, I was quite nervous.

What would my voice sound like?

Would anyone listen?

Would I say something really stupid?

Then I realized that didn't matter!

It's my voice and others need to hear it.

People would listen to it - and so would I.

I probably would say something stupid, but that's OK. I'm learning!

I needed to find a way to explain all the things that I believe and having a great podcast host was the best way to talk things out, have it recorded, and provide others an opportunity to listen to what I had to say and push back, disagree, seek clarification, etc.

So I've done three podcasts so far and am scheduled to do a fourth.

I really enjoy listening to other podcasts and really enjoy the format.

I don't know if I enjoy listening to my own voice.

But it helps me.

It makes me better.

So it's totally worth it!

Here are links to my three appearances so far.

The Third Wave with Fritz Podcast -

I See What You Mean Podcast -

The New Dad Podcast -

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