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Red Alert!!!

Red alert - or Rude Awakening Alert!

There is no perfect job out there waiting for you! Read that again. Why isn’t it waiting for you? It doesn’t exist yet! Good news! You can create your perfect job! How? The perfect job for you will be created by YOU when you realize how you are wired, what strengths you have, and how to use that wiring and those strengths to your best ability in the market place. One you have done sufficient introspection and research into who you are and what makes you feel fulfilled, you will find it is easier to find a job that uses your unique strengths to create that perfect job. For many, this leads them to strike out on their own and create that job for themselves. It's what I did! And it works! And I know that it can bring you JOY and fulfillment. This is where I come in.

I will act as a guide and coach your high school student and college students to use tools to design their lives, discover their strengths, and find work that uses their strengths to best effect.

You have waited long enough to help your student take control of their future.

Today. Now. Not later! You’re taking action!

You’re clicking on the link below to take the next step to help them discover their strengths and design the life that works for them!

Then they can live lives that feel useful, fulfilled, and purposeful!

Schedule your Free Discovery Call with me here:

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